Sometimes we can get complacent or just feel “stuck” on the way to recovering our freedom. If it doesn’t happen to everyone, it certainly happens to most of us. Allowing ourselves to sit “on hold” for too long can actually build a growing sense of hopelessness. And at some point hopelessness becomes a swamp we might never emerge from! I think we all visit the swamp from time to time, but let’s not set up camp there, OK?

I think a good idea that may get us moving again is for us to revisit our reasons for quitting in the first place. If our primary reason for quitting is to avoid medical consequences, we may be motivated, but the journey is going to marked by discomfort. Operating under the weight of fear is hard. Other loss-based or fear-based motivators might be “I’ll get kicked out of my apartment if I don’t quit” or “I’ll get fired from my job if I don’t quit.”

These reasons are valid reasons to quit, but consider keeping the loss-based motivator as a secondary reason to quit. Are there any more positive reasons for quitting? Will you feel accomplished or proud? Will loved ones be proud of you? Will you save enough money to take a trip, buy yourself something really special? Will quitting prove something to YOU that need to prove? In a perfect world, we’d do it as an act of self-love. Keep it positive whenever you can, and remember those reasons.

Quitting requires a LOT of work and attention. You’re worth it! http://ow.ly/i/vcrWs

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