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Balance is vital. Balance is an essential aspect of the universe. In fact, the entirety of the universe attests to balance. The inter-relatedness of the universe necessitates the balance and its unceasing motion seeks balance. Our relationships require balance as well, if they are to be healthy. Two characteristics of healthy relationships which must be …

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QuittersWin Core Beliefs and Group Guidelines Everyone in the community has something to learn from everyone on the community and everyone in the community has something to teach to everyone in the community. No one in the community is as strong, wise, brave, or capable as everyone in the community. Out of respect for all …

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QuittersWin – Athol Hospital, Athol MA

Join our QuittersWin Tobacco Cessation and Addiction Recovery Community in Athol, MA! 6:00 pm at Athol Hospital in the Briggs Conference Room! QuittersWin groups are always offered without cost to participants – no cost, no co-pay, no insurance requirements.  For any questions, please contact us! Tobacco Cessation and Addiction Recover in Athol, MA: Briggs Conference Room …

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Plan to Play!

Plan to Play! Do we stop playing when we grow old or do we grow old when we stop playing? You’ve probably heard the question before, and maybe even smirked while thinking about it. But if you know that you need some more ‘play’ in your life, what are you doing about it? What are …

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Intertwingled We are not isolated beings, but connected, in mystery and miracle. to the universe and to each other. Perhaps that’s why showing kindness to another – even a stranger – makes one feel better. We need to remember how intertwingled our lives are, how exquisite a tapestry is woven of the countless unique strands. …

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