QuittersWin – The People’s Place, Gardner MA

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, QuittersWin meetings at The People’s Place are now MONDAYS at 6:00 pm ON ZOOM!
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Click here to Join Mondays at 6PM!

Join our QuittersWin Tobacco Cessation and Addiction Recovery Community in Gardner, MA! 7:00 pm at The Peoples Place Community Center!

Orientation for new members starts at 6:30 pm.

QuittersWin groups are always offered without cost to participants – no cost, no co-pay, no insurance requirements. 

For any questions, please contact us!

Tobacco Cessation and Addiction Recover in Gardner, MA:
The Peoples Place 73 City Hall Avenue, Gardner, MA 01440

QuittersWin Core Beliefs and Group Guidelines

  • Everyone in the community has something to learn from everyone on the community and everyone in the community has something to teach to everyone in the community.
  • No one in the community is as strong, wise, brave, or capable as everyone in the community.
  • Out of respect for all speakers and all listeners we limit talking to one member at a time.
  • Because we understand that our human condition can lead us to hold untruths and cause our perceptions to be skewed, we make every effort to keep our minds open and honestly consider other explanations for things we think we “know.”
  • Out of this diversity of understanding, we hope to discern ultimate truth for the good of all, without need to hold unhelpful or unhealthy beliefs out of some motive of ego.
  • As each of us attains our noble goals, all of us grow stronger, wiser, and more capable.
  • In spite of our individual imperfections, diverse experiences, and past failures, as a community we hold confidently to the certainty that freedom from addiction is possible and is, in fact, close at hand!

Downloadable Tobacco Cessation and Addiction Recovery Resources!

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Decisional Balance
Looking at the pros and cons of using can really get your subconscious mind moving toward your freedom! 

Download File
TAMI Cards
Collecting data can really make a big difference. Learn this trick and grab a pencil!

Download File
SMART Goals for Quitting Smoking
SMART goals are a sure way to win this game. Read and share this tool with people you care about. And of course, SMART goals can help with other addictions, too.

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