How We Can Help

Many thanks to Scott Meyers for his help with this project.
I heard he was nominated for an Academy Award.

Talking about smoking (which we have to do) can be tricky. On one hand, smoking is the single most harmful preventable behavior. On the other hand smokers often feel such guilt about their smoking that any mention of it can feel judgmental. Judging and scolding (especially when amplified by a smoker’s guilt or feelings of being trapped) disempowers people. Here are some important things to remember.

  • Quitting smoking is complicated – let’s be sure our patients know that we understand that.
  • We have FREE and flexible support – in hopes of fitting into our patients’ lives.
  • Judging or scolding (especially when amplified by a smoker’s guilt) disempowers people.
  • Listen for signs of readiness to change and offer encouragement.
  • Fax a referral to to Tim to get patients connected to extra support.
  • DOWNLOAD a referral form below!

Want Tim (Quit-Coach) to visit a staff meeting?

I’m VERY happy to visit any CDPHO practice virtually to share during a staff meeting. I can tailor a message to serve your audience and meet your time constraints. It’s an easy free way to keep tobacco cessation support on everyone’s radar.

I can also customize printed materials for your practice. Some CDPHO practices have customized posters with QR codes that patients can scan to view a video or to sign up for text message support. These are fliers with super-powers. Let’s put them to work in your practice!

Please contact me via email, phone, or text – but no smoke-signals, please! (413) 800-2334