Welcome VMG VIPs!

Yes, you’re a Very Important Person to us! You’re working on a Very Important Project. We want to provide all of the competent advice and compassionate support that we can. Please take a few minutes to view the video. We want to provide our support in ways that fit into your world! Classes, calls, and text message support are all free for you because you deserve to be free!

PLEASE NOTE – The services described below are available to folks who receive primary or specialty care from Valley Medical Group

The phone number (or email address) that sent you this link is your best way to get in touch. Feel free to leave a voicemail if you reach my phone at a time when I can’t reach it. Thanks for taking good care of you, and thanks for letting us help!

COME to Group with Folks Who Understand

Info on QuittersWin – GROUPS

CALL Me at a Time That’s Good for You

Mon, Tues, Wed, 7:30am-3pm.


Receive Free Teaching Materials by Mail

Text, email, or call and we’ll mail you some very helpful materials.

Download Helpful Materials Right Now

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CONNECT with Text Messages!

A Quit-Coach in your pocket!

Info on QuittersWin – TEXT SUPPORT

And remember that you can stop the text messages at any time by simply replying “Stop.” But if you’re stopping because you don’t feel ready to try to quit right now, PLEASE let the messages continue. Just ignore them for now, but 3 months from now or next year, when you DO feel ready to try, we want to be there for you.

Want to Start Now?

This video covers all of the material we teach during our QuittersWin group orientation. It’s an informative overview that can really get your journey off to a solid start!

You may want to read more about BESOCHEMPS here.


Download the whole QuittersWin folder we use here at Valley Medical Group or just download individual pages.