Text Support FAQs

QuittersWin sends free, positive, motivational text messages as a way of reminding you that you aren’t alone on this journey. I want to stay on your radar but out of your hair! Enjoy the messages, share them with friends, the messages are non-commercial and often include a link to a blog post where you can read more on the same topic.

QuittersWin also has a Facebook page. And again, these supportive messages and corresponding posts are never commercial in nature, never engage in marketing of a product, and are provided without cost to participants. QuittersWin never divulges any of your personal information to any person or entity.

Of course, you can text STOP at any time to stop receiving the messages. But if you’re stopping because you don’t feel ready to try to quit right now, PLEASE let the messages continue. Just ignore them for now, but 3 months from now or next year, when you DO feel ready to try, we want to be there for you.

How many messages should I expect?

  • After the introductory messages (2-3 the first day) I’ll typically send 1 or 2 motivational text messages each week to all of the folks who have opted to get the messages. Once in a while I send an informational message (meeting reminder, group cancellation, or room change, for example.)

Can I get more messages?

  • Sure, I can put you on my HIT list! (High Intensity Texting) and you can get 4-5 texts each week. Just text me HIT and I’ll add you to the list of folks who want more texts!

Do these texts come from a person or a computer?

  • I’m a real person and a former 3 pack/day smoker who understands the value of non-judgmental support. So please don’t be shy. I’d really love to be of assistance to you!

Can I send texts too?

  • Yes, and I hope you will! When you hit a snag, or want to brag, or have a question, I hope to hear from you.

When is text support available?

  • You can text me any time, but my response time will vary depending upon when you text.
  • OBVIOUSLY this is NOT a place to text in an emergency, but for competent compassionate support – I’m here!
  • Evenings I’ll usually check the phone before bed, but if it’s after 8 or 9 pm, I will respond in the morning.
  • Weekends I only check for texts periodically, but go ahead and text while you’re thinking of it and I may respond on the weekend or will definitely respond when I get back to work.