Classic Podcasts

Some of the recordings here will be old, but the truth is timeless. WAY back in 2008 and 2009 I was recording podcasts in hopes of serving folks who were never going to ring my phone, send me a text message, or walk into a QuittersWin meeting. Most of them were recorded in one take, so they aren’t even close to perfect. But I think they still have merit and value and I know that some of us are auditory learners. So lend an ear here and see if these lessons can help you on your journey! Post a comment below if you’re so inclined. Watch for more of these classics right here very soon. And as always, thank you for taking good care of you!


This five-headed dragon has been terrorizing people for all of recorded time. When you give the beast a name and understand each of the five aspects of our complicated relationships (that muggles often call “addictions”) we might be able to defeat it!

Of course, this podcasts pairs well with THIS PAGE and it mentions (if you’re listening closely) THESE TOOLS, too!