“BESOCHEMPS” CH-emical Cravings

CH-emical Cravings

The CH in besoCHemps reminds us to be aware of how our body/brain have learned to depend upon a regular daily dose of a chemical. When we don’t get the drug, we can become physically uncomfortable.

It’s very important that you learn to tell the difference between wanting to smoke because you’re drinking coffee, and wanting to smoke because your brain is missing it’s regular dose of nicotine. That’s why we call one a “trigger” and the other a “craving.” The next few times you want to use, wait a bit. As you’re waiting, pay attention to what you’re experiencing. Do you feel any tightness in your chest, restlessness or jittery legs, or experience minor shakes or sweats? Those are some of the physical withdrawal symptoms that are easier to notice. Increased distraction or inability to focus attention are common too, but sometimes not so easy to see. Learning to know the difference between a trigger and a craving can really improve your odds of winning! (Read the last couple posts to learn about triggers, please.)

As far as nicotine goes, withdrawal is uncomfortable, but it’s NOT medically dangerous. (Sudden detoxing from some drugs can require medical attention. Please get the help that is appropriate for you.) Thousands of quitters over the years have taught me that the first few days can be tough. Folks often say that day 3 or 4 are the most uncomfortable. There are medicines which can provide you with “clean nicotine” to help you transition. And it’s absolutely possible to quit without nicotine replacement. The choice is yours and I’m glad to discuss the pros and cons. Feel free to arrange a free telephone consultation (No, I’m not selling anything!) 🙂

To minimize those CHemical cravings, increase your water intake, practice deep breathing, and consider talking to your doc about nicotine replacement therapy (gum, lozenge, patch, nasal spray, or inhaler) or other quit-meds.

Thanks for taking good care of you!
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