Slow down, look around, and we never know what wonder we might see!

Oh, I See!

Who’s outside today (or who was recently?) What wonders are waiting for us – sometimes right under our nose (or our feet?) When we take a few moments to really stop and look around – look closely around – we might find something truly amazing or at least something that’s interesting. ‘Spent any time with …

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Common Humanity

Kristin Neff is a researcher on the topic of self-compassion and author of “Self-Compassion: The Proven Power of Being Kind to Yourself.” She believes that there are three steps toward greater self-compassion. The three steps or aspects of self-compassion are:      Mindfulness      Common Humanity      Self-Kindness Today, let’s look at the …

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Just Be

I hope before your day is done that you find or make time to just be. Just be still, be quiet, close your eyes and open your soul to a sense of serenity. Our world tends to be a noisy world, a chattering world, a static filled, hectic, hurried and harried world. Have you taken …

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