BESOCHEMPS Model of Addiction: Aspects of Addiction


The reason more people aren’t more successful at quitting is that nobody told us that their are five distinct aspects of our addiction that we need to address in order to get free and stay free. If we handle one or two aspects (like most people do) we will get free but we won’t stay free.


Ask yourself how many times have you tried to quit before? Did you focus mostly on the chemical addiction and perhaps the behavioral triggers, and manage to stop? After a few days, a few weeks, or a few months did you slip, cheat, or just cave in? To use the imagery of the five-headed dragon, by defeating a couple heads of the beast, you wounded your foe, but didn’t defeat it.


Fear not! This quit attempt can be different. This time you’re going to learn how to deal with all five heads of the dragon so it won’t come back and get you.


Get Up

The one who falls and gets back up is so much _________ than the one who never fell. I think we can fill in that blank with any of these words:– braver– wiser– smarter– stronger– readier– humbler– kinderAnd in the long run, the one who falls and then rises is more likely to be…– grateful– …

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The Right Tools Make a Big Difference

Having the right tools for a job changes everything. When you think about positive changes you’ve made in your life, what was helpful? Consider sharing some of those “tools” with others. Your tip or support could change someone’s journey from “impossible” to “possible.” Sharing your experience can empower and inspire others! And maybe sharing with …

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