Brave Souls

Time to Unplug?

Disclaimer: I realize the inherent irony in this post. You’re no doubt reading it on an electronic device from which I’m proposing you detach yourself. “Such a blessing, such a curse!” That how I see the internet. That’s how I see mobile phones. That’s how I see computers. They bring things to our lives every …

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Who Says?

Who says who you are? Well frankly, technically, lots of people can name you, label you, try to define or identify you. We tend to do that to people whenever we speak… “This guy on the bus… My friend called the other day… Somebody said that… Everybody knows that… Diabetics have more…” But the labels …

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To Boldly Go

To Boldly Go On February 18, 1977 the Space Shuttle ‘Enterprise’ lifted off atop a 747 for its maiden voyage. Like most epic ventures, there was great cost and painful loss, but when we consider the venture as a whole, most will agree that it was worth it. The Space Shuttle, for all of its …

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Gold Rush!

Gold Rush! On January 23, 1848 the California Gold Rush began after James Marshall found gold at Sutter’s Mill in Caloma. Historians say that 300,000 traveled there in pursuit of treasure that MIGHT reside there. That’s quite an act of faith, isn’t it? To pack up your family or head off alone in pursuit of …

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“Good Stuff!”

“Good Stuff!” ‘Had the distinct pleasure of holding two QuittersWin sessions yesterday and I’m blown away by the good work folks are doing and the progress they’re making! As they change several aspects of their lives, breaking habits they’ve practiced for years or decades, they are taking back their power and their freedom. Good work, …

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A Solid Plan

If you need to consult with a compassionate Quit Coach, get to a QuittersWin meeting, send a private message to arrange a free phone-coaching session, or hop on the Friday noon QuittersWin conference call every Friday at noon, EST.