Big Fan of Small Things

“Perfection is no small thing, but it is made up of small things.”

(NOTE: – I actually think that in most instances, “perfection” is really a myth. But that’s a story for another day.)

Were I to speak for Michelangelo (How dare I?!) I’d feel comfortable replacing the word ‘perfection’ with ‘lasting change’ or ‘success’ or ‘accomplishment.’ If the idea of tinkering with his quote hasn’t offended you, please read on!

Born in 1475, his full name was Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni, but even his name was made up of small things and his first became the one by which he was known. Many quotes are attributed to him, including the one above. But whether he said it or not, I think that there’s a lesson in that quote.

When we think of making significant changes in our lives – when we consider the sometimes elusive idea of recovery – some goals seem too vast and/or too vague. This really is the time for a ‘divide and conquer’ approach. Break a goal down into its components and you may find yourself feeling less overwhelmed.

In regards to addiction, that’s exactly what the BESOCHEMPS model has done for thousands of brave quitters for over 20 years. Small things are easier to understand, easier to grasp and easier to change.

Looking at the behavioral triggers, social triggers, chemical cravings, emotional urges, and psychological compulsions all at once will leave the bravest of folks feeling outnumbered and ill-equipped. But when we look at one ‘head of the dragon’ at a time and when we focus upon changing one specific behavioral trigger, we find hope and direction. We find ourselves moving toward our goals, and maybe even excited about making the change!

If you don’t know BESOCHEMPS…

You can READ about BESOCHEMPS.

(And I mean classic! I recorded this one in 2008!)


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