Who Are You?

This week we’re going to be looking at the idea that “how I see me will determine how I treat me.” This is quite literally a daily utterance for me. I rarely, if ever, have a conversation about addiction without sharing this idea. And this topic isn’t only relevant for addicted folks – this absolutely applies to all of us. We all have a narrative we tell ourselves about who we are. Some of those narratives are grossly inaccurate and typically degrade how we see ourselves.

I will hopefully have at least one other guest writer share in this space this week, so I hope we can all meditate upon the idea of our identity and specifically our perception of our self-worth.

Let’s get ready to be self-indulgent and self-centered in a deeply appropriate and necessary way in the days ahead. I’m really excited about this opportunity to explore this idea and delve into the part of us that doesn’t show up on an x-ray!

Thank you for reading along on this journey. Take a deep breath, please. It may be a deep week.

Thanks for taking good care of you!

(Have I told you lately that you’re awesome?)

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