Seize the Season!

Seize the Season!

Today we turn the corner and tomorrow we will begin a new month and a new quarter. In many ways, it simply starts to feel more like Spring has come. Behold the signs of new life emerging from the earth. Spring may feel like the most magical of the seasons (at least until the Fall gets here!)

But there is something, deep in the human experience, that finds a special thrill as the earth seems to wake from its slumber. Life emerges from soil that was frozen and seemed lifeless just a short time ago. Themes of freedom, new life, rebirth abound as we dare to hope that things, once “impossible” may soon come to be.

I think hope is like currency. I believe it can be given and more importantly loaned to others who are lacking. Watch the world around you today. Is there someone in your path who is lacking hope? Give or lend some. Help them hold hope or hold it for them. Every week in the various groups I facilitate, I see the power of shared hope. I see fear-filled souls borrow hope from a group of friends and even strangers. It’s a beautiful thing to witness, and it happens every time.

My hope for you is that you may sense that hope is nearer and stronger, waiting to burst forward in your life. And if hope is eluding you right now, take a brave step into connection and community with others on the same or similar journey. You will find hope there, winter, spring, summer or fall.

Let’s seize the season and let’s see where it can take us!



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