There is a Crack in Everything

This morning a curious quote came to mind after I had spent a couple moments observing the bleeding hearts* in my garden. It’s actually a line from Leonard Cohen’s “Anthem.”

BH 3

“There is a crack in everything.

           That’s how the light gets in.”

BH 1

So I am not sure if or how these two things are related, but as I thought about what to share today, I became aware of bleeding hearts and that line from a song.

BH 2

Maybe their connection will be clear to you. But either way, please ponder upon the quote and enjoy the photos from one of my dew-kissed gardens today.

BH 4

Thanks for taking good care of you!

*Lamprocapnos spectabilis is a species of flowering plant in the poppy family Papaveraceae, native to Siberia, northern China, Korea and Japan.

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