On my way to the car this morning I noticed a nasturtium bud in the window box on the porch. The pointed flower-to-be, poised on the end of it’s gracefully curved ‘neck’ looked oddly like a creature in a scary sci-fi movie. Perhaps you can guess which one.

While the focus isn’t perfect, you can still probably see why this soon-to-bloom nasturtium made me think of a creature from outer space.  

I smirked as I continued to the car and headed to work. I pondered… Does a blossom feel alien as it enters a new world or a new state of being? Might it feel worried about its unknown future? Might it be excited about finally be able to unfold and spread out? I was feeling curious. Curiosity is a feeling that is almost always accompanied by a smile or smirk on my face. I glanced quickly into the rear view mirror and, seeing a smirk, smiled broadly.

Then I got thinking about feeling worried (like an unopened bloom might feel) and feeling curious. I love to feel curious, but worrying is no fun at all. Because my brain likes to categorize, sort, and stack stuff, I sometimes envision feelings arranged on a scale or ladder – ranked in a way. So how far apart are worry and curious? If I’m feeling worry, how might I be able to move toward curious? The word “worrious” came to me – starts like worry and rhymes with curious.

I’m going to try to remember that word! If every time I realize that I’m holding worry, I think of the word worrious, I might be able to shift toward a more comfortable state of being – halfway between worried and curious. It’s rather like the idea of ‘northeast’ being in between north and east. If curious is easier to tolerate than worry, let’s at least turn our being in that direction, right? So I hereby #DoubleDogDare you to adopt this new word.

For those who may be curious, here’s what that nasturtium will look like in a day or two (unless it’s abducted by aliens!)

And if you never wondered how a flower blossom was feeling, try it! Putting ourselves into someone else’s shoes (or soil?) is a good way to move past or away from an uncomfortable feeling of our own. While I’m a proponent of FEELing, not FLEEing, there are definitely times when a quick shift of perspective can get the gerbil off of the wheel.

Thank you for taking good care of you!



2 thoughts on “Worrious?”

  1. August 1 This is the 8th month of tobacco free !! For both my son and I
    We feel amazingly fuller of air, no huffing or puffing up the stairs
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    No fear of NOT being able to
    BREATH 😜

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