Daily Disciplines

Habits don’t always “just happen!” Some habits need to be built. When it comes to building habits, I think that B J Fogg is a genius and he has a way of making the process pretty simple to understand. (Yes, I’ve written and talked about him countless times. Maybe he’s habit-forming!?) Fogg points out that Tiny habits are actually the building blocks that make up of much of our life.

Adding a new healthy habit to your day is a great way to climb out of a rut, welcome a new season, beat a case of the blues, or even get over a disappointment. Sometimes I call these healthy, hopeful, habits “daily disciplines” because – at least at first – it can take some diligence and discipline to find the right habit, find the place in your day where it fits best, and then practice the heck out of it, until it sticks.

So why not make it a #DoubleDogDare that we all start building a new healthy, hopeful habit today?! If you can’t think of a good habit to build right this minute, try one of the ideas below, but get started today! (Remember, it’s a Double Dog Dare, so you really don’t have a choice!)  Don’t beat yourself up if you miss it a few times. Be willing to move the new habit to a different time of the day if it doesn’t seem to “stick,” and keep at it. Here are a few ideas to choose from or to help you choose your own:

  • Whenever I sit down to eat, I’ll express one thing for which I’m grateful.
  • Whenever the phone rings, I’ll smile and say ‘I wonder if I can brighten this person’s day.’
  • Whenever I leave the house, I’ll bring my water bottle.
  • Whenever I finish a task at work, I’ll check my posture and take a slow, deep breath.

And whenever you do the new habit, smile, and tell yourself that you’re getting good at this! Good luck!



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