Two Most Important Days?

If a quote makes you feel like moving in a positive direction, I don’t really care who said it – post it – stick it to the fridge – put it where you can see it and it can motivate you. I like this one and I’m not sure why. needs-3007308_1920 - Copy

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born

and the day you find out why.” – Anonymous*

If understanding the purpose of your entire life seems daunting, let’s just keep it in the day. How about finding purpose in this day – this moment? Make today matter. Have a beaYOUtiful day!

*Note: I’ve seen this quote attributed to Mark Twain, and it always makes me wonder which of his characters in a story might have said it. I was pretty sure that Twain himself wouldn’t have held such a belief.

When looking further into the quote, I was pleased to find this article, written by folks who taker their Mark Twain very seriously. I still don’t know for certain who to attribute the quote to, but I’m pretty sure I know who didn’t say it.

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