A Favorite Time

There’s much that I love about this time of year and in particular, this weekend. Yes, an “extra hour” sounds like such a gift (even if it’s just the same hour we gave up earlier this year.) And even if this “extra hour” isn’t really free time, the idea having more time certainly appeals to us all.


I smile and grab a scarf as the air grows cold

The leaves begin to shift from green to red and gold

We reach for brush and canvas, this beauty to hold

Or will a camera do justice to colors so bold?fall-foliage-3705550_1920.jpgPerhaps I should just breathe it all in

Forgive me if I do and grin,

And save it away, remember within,

For a day when I lack a woods to walk in.fall-foliage-3736055_1920.jpgIf given the gift of an extra hour, I might just spend it walking in nature. This weekend remember to change your clock and take a walk!




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