“Have a good day!”

We hear and say that phrase often. So often, in fact, that we may not really hear it. But if we really mean it when we say it, what does it mean? What are we wishing for the one we say it to? What are we aspiring to for ourselves if we decide to "make  it a good day?" 
Just for fun, try to count how many times you hear or read "have a good day," today. 

I guess the answer might be different for each of us, which feels like a vague answer (and maybe not an answer at all.) But I do hope that there is ample good evident in your day - today and every day. 
I'm pretty sure that if we expect it and look for it, we will find the good in this day! And maybe focusing on the glimmers of good around us can help us tolerate the parts of our day that are challenging. 
 Good luck, and have a good day!

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