Listen Up!

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I’m suggesting AGAIN that you invest a little bit of time into building a couple playlists to influence your mood. Besides helping folks adjust their moods, reduce stress, and lower anxiety, some people are even using music to manage their physical pain!

Check out this legit sounding research!

And here is some MORE legit sounding research!

While plenty of folks are coming to terms with technology and it’s potential for overuse and even “addiction,” I have recently been trying to (carefully) use technology to influence my mood and stress level. By getting my daily “dose” of news as a podcast I can stay in touch with the world without having the news on all the time while I’m driving. By downloading a few playlists onto my phone, I am trying to spend more of my driving time listening to music.

Songs also have a great capacity for attaching to memories (and memories of moods) so individual songs as well as types of music are likely to help you not freak out or give your mood a lift.

‘Best thing about using music this way? You tell me!

  • No big Pharma making obscene profits off of us
  • No expiration dates on that old (or should we say “classic”) ELO album
  • No FDA approval is necessary for that newest Jonas Brothers tune
  • Unlike medications, with music, combining is encouraged
  • No pesky child-proof lids

I’m not a doctor, but I think that using music to regulate arousal, reduce anxiety, anage stress, and generally make your life better is…

…wait for it…

Sound advice!


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