W. H. E. N.

We all WANT to do things that we know aren’t good for us from time to time. And feeding those urges with occasional splurges may be OK now and then. But when it feels like the habit has us on its leash, it’s time to take our control back! Whether it’s eating junk food, smoking cigarettes, binge-spending, or some other habitual behavior we’re trying to curb, this simple word might help!


WHEN I become aware that I want to ________, I’m going to ask myself…

W – Why do I want?

  • behavioral trigger* – what I’m doing?
  • social trigger* – who I’m with or where I am?
  • chemical craving* – drop in blood sugar, nicotine level, or hunger?
  • emotional urge* – trying to cover anxiety, anger, or boredom?
  • psychological compulsion* – feeling self destructive?

H,E – How Else can I satisfy that want (without binging, drinking, etc.?)

…and remind myself that I…

N – Never Need to overeat, smoke, etc.

Smoking cigarettes: Why do I want? How Else can I satisfy this want? Never need to do that again!

WHEN. Notice WHEN you’re in a state of want and spell WHEN.

*Some of you recognized the 5 items under the question, “Why do I want?” Those reasons for wanting are also called the “5 Heads of the Dragon,” a highly effective way to address unhealthy relationships with food, drugs, alcohol, shopping, and lots of other behaviors. To read more about the “5 Headed Dragon,” read this https://quitterswin.blog/besochemps/ or search for the word BESOCHEMPS on this site! When people quit smoking on their own, only about 5% of them stay free for a whole year, but when folks use the BESOCHEMPS model of addiction, they have a 35% chance of getting free and staying free.

WHEN you want, I hope you’ll find the W H E N really helps! Keep taking good care of you and remember that staying in touch means staying on track.

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