As a child I remember being stunned first by the beauty of the rows of pristine white stones arrayed in lines on the lush green grass when my family visited Arlington National Cemetery. The markers seemed to radiate in every direction for as far as I could see and fell into rows no matter which way I looked! But a moment later, as I took in the beauty, I was overwhelmed by the solemn realization that each of these stones, so beautiful, marked the graves of the dutiful.

“Freedom isn’t free,” we’ve heard the phrase, perhaps more times than we can count, but have we counted the cost of our freedom? Can we count the cost? Where would we even begin? How do you tally a price that was paid in the time, sweat, pain, blood, and lives of veterans over the span of generations? How would we count the tears of their loved ones?

Let us all be dutiful about expressing gratitude to those who served and who suffer to this day because of their service in defense of our freedom – especially, but not only today!

If you’re battling an addiction, let us seek our freedom with the fierce and courageous determination of the men and women who have sacrificed for the sake of freedom. In doing so, perhaps we pay tribute to them.

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