What a Time to Be Alive!

That expression, usually uttered sarcastically, often while shaking one’s head, has long amused me. I thought that perhaps I should have a category of posts here to which that expression could apply. This category might have also been labeled ‘just when you thought you had seen it all’ or maybe even ‘someone’s got a little too much time on their hands.’ But since it’s my blog, I’m going with a head shaking, ‘what a time to be alive!’

Without further delay, here it is a category where you may find random or surprising, ‘stranger than fiction’ things. May these posts distract you on a day when you need a distraction (because some days we do.)

Yes, I know this is silly and sometimes silly is just what the Doctor ordered!

And who knows? Perhaps some of the peculiarities here will inspire YOU to try something random or surprising!

Lots of folks agree that at times in our lives, a new hobby can be really beneficial. Perhaps you should consider THIS new hobby!

What a time to be alive!

You’re welcome!


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