Today Humpier?

Today is Humpday, and in my corner of the world, the day feels humpier than other HumpDays. I suspect that I’m not the only one feeling that way. So maybe this reminder isn’t just for me, but I know that I need to be intentional about how I look at this HumpDay. Maybe you do too, or maybe you can remember this for then next time when you feel like there’s a big “hump” in the middle of your path.

Humps, in my not necessarily humble opinion, do one of three things. Either they frustrate and stop you from achieving your goal, they divert you onto another path (for better or worse) or they challenge you and make you try harder. I’m a fan of that last one – try harder. Or in other words, when you see a hump in your day or in your way, get over it! And by getting over it you may find that you’re wiser and/or stronger because of the hump.

Some days and some ways just seem to have more humps than others!

I hope that your path is not blocked by humps, but a few challenges along our journey can make us better, wiser, stronger, braver, bolder, and more resilient. So set your sights on the next hump, and let’s get over it!




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