In the midst of a global pandemic, who quits smoking? Quitting smoking is tough enough during the best of times (and few of us would use that phrase to describe 2020.) But, it has been my privilege and pleasure, over the last year, to witness tremendous feats of courage and determination. I have lost count of all the brave folks who persisted and insisted upon ‘doing it now’ despite the countless distractions and pressures of 2020.

So, I guess I’m ready for just about anything!

I’ve always thought that people seeking to reclaim their freedom from addiction were a special kind of brave and hopeful souls. I have even suggested that being able to serve these folks might even be good for my blood pressure! I know it’s good for my outlook! So in a tiny – maybe silly – way, please allow me to offer a tiny token of recognition for their accomplishments. And even as I type, there’s another group of quitters who drew the line in the sand and are battling it out right now! I’m sending you all healing vibes.

Pandemic schmandemic! Quitters always win!

If you’re one of those AMAZING folks who quit during 2020, please download one (or all) of these badges! I know it’s not much, but sometimes a reminder that someone thinks you’re awesome might make a day just a little easier to bear. Please post one on your fridge, on your bathroom mirror, at your work station, and be sure to share your accomplishment on social media. Brag! You deserve a LOT of credit. You deserve to be free. And seriously, after quitting smoking in the midst of this dumpster fire of a year, what other “impossible” things are you going to accomplish? I look forward to what comes next!

EVERYTHING is possible!

Thank you for being such great examples of the hope and courage that makes all things possible. Happy New Year!

And while 2020 is (thankfully) a thing of the past, those of you who act now can still earn the badge of quitting during a global pandemic. That’s badge-worthy, too! So, I got this for you folks!

You don’t scare me!

#DFTYA! (Don’t Forget That You’re Awesome!)

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