A Solid Plan

You deserve to be free, and that will require a solid plan. Even the ruins of the castle pictured above attest to a complex and well planned structure. The walls have withstood battles and centuries. Your Quit Plan needs to be as solid as your relationship with tobacco (or other substance) is complicated.

Something a complicated as conquering addiction doesn’t usually happen quickly, neatly, or easily. But it happens! It happens right here before our eyes! And it happens for the brave souls who build a solid plan and share their strengths and struggles.

3.16.2017 castle

And since we know that the “dragon” has five “heads,” it makes sense that our plan needs to address all five of those areas. To listen to an overview, visit Classic Podcasts. If you’d rather read than listen, check out BESOCHEMPS.

Get the support you deserve and let’s start building that Quit Plan that truly fits you.

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