Is What I See Up to Me?

3.18.2017 dog or scream

When you look at the picture, I suspect that most folks will see a cartoonized (is that a word?) version of the painting “The Scream” by Edvard Munch.

Look again and think about “The Scream” and this time notice what feeling(s) you experience.

Now one more time (please) look at the image a see if you can interpret it as a hound wearing a black shirt. That really IS possible isn’t it? And if you now look at the image of a hound, you might notice some very different feelings than when you looked at “The Scream.”

So once again I’m impressed and led to believe that there are always (at least) two ways to interpret an image, a comment, or a set of circumstances. Please choose wisely because there are feelings associated with every thought or belief we choose to hold.

Today I don’t want to feel the way “The Scream” makes me feel, so I’m going to choose to see a hound in a black shirt. It is, after all, my choice.


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