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There are lots of interesting and inspiring stories to explain how we humans “arrived” here. And I have no interest in debating which story might be true. (Since none of us was here at the VERY beginning, maybe we’ll never know.) But when you consider them all it seems to me that our existence – YOUR existence – is miraculous (or at very least, spectacular.)

If we emerged from the universe through a long and complex sequence of evolutionary trials until we became a sustainable life form, – a life form whose body works to heal itself – are we not miraculous?

And if some benevolent omnipotent being – a deity, a force, or power – crafted us because of their great love for us and created a universe in which we might live, are we not miraculous?

Today – at least for today – let’s choose to believe that we are miracles and see how the day goes. Have fun today, out there in the YOUniverse!

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