Ready, Set, Recharge!

In tough times, tough people know to take it easy and make time to recharge.

This morning I came to the desk where I sit when working from home. As I internally expressed gratitude that my work is continuing, I looked at the small fleet of mobile phones plugged into their various charging cables and the “easy” button which I use to celebrate various tasks I accomplish. The subject of today’s post seemed obvious to me. (That was easy!)

The key to making it through tough times, may be our ability to take it easy. Let’s try to take it easy on the people around us. They’re not at their best and they’re probably doing the best they can. So, let’s assume best intentions and cut them all a little slack.

That sounds kind, doesn’t it? To offer some grace to the people around us may help us not get our feathers ruffled. When we look beyond the behavior we see and try to understand the stressors those folks may have in their lives, it may become easier to tolerate their less than ideal behavior or performance. And if we look at others through the lens of grace, it feels good doesn’t it?

Let’s be sure we’re extending that same grace to ourselves, too! We need to evaluate our goals and expectations and see which are currently realistic. We need to take it easy on us, too! Self-compassion is essential. When we look closely at people who are tough and successful, they are probably people who have learned when to take it easy and when to recharge.

If we’re going to make it through this challenging season, we will need to be more committed than ever to the idea of recharging. As the COVID-19 pandemic looks more like a marathon than a sprint, we need to pace ourselves and refuel often. For those of us on a journey of recovery from any sort of addiction, we need to do likewise.

Ready? Set? Recharge!

NOTE: I’d love to hear your comments on the various ways you recharge when you’re feeling drained. As always you can text me, but leaving your comments here for others to read may multiply the good you can do. As always, it is my privilege and pleasure to serve people brave enough for this journey. Be kind to you and stay in touch, please! There are over 450 posts here. Give yourself a break and poke around. You’ll probably find some hidden gems in there.

Get and Use Zoom

Please download and use this FREE app. At this time when we have to maintain social distancing we may be feeling disconnected from people we care about.

This video talks you through the process of installing Zoom. If you only watch the first 90 seconds, you’ll have what you need to join in to QuittersWin online meetings!

You may also want to substitute a Zoom call for a regular phone call. I hope you’ll do this because I talk with some of you by phone already and I see some of you in one the offices where I work. But I – like lots of folks around the world right now – am working from home. I would love to have the added connection of seeing your smiling faces while we talk.

Connecting is good medicine and Zoom is a FREE and easy way to do that. Once you install it, you’ll want to Zoom with family and friends. Please take a couple minutes to do this and let’s connect soon!

Truth’s Power

We have probably all heard some variant of the expression “you will know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” As a facilitator of groups I have countless times witnessed how one person’s truth can also set other people free. That’s why I am such a proponent of gathering in groups.

Sharing one’s truth – while powerfully liberating – can also feel very scary. Usually, after we summon the courage to share a candid truth – perhaps one that makes us feel vulnerable – we may be surprised by how relieved we feel and how the world doesn’t crumble around us! The fear we feel when we think about disclosing our truth is usually exaggerated.

The truth unleashes the power to change everything.

If you’re ever with someone who shares a revealing or potentially embarrassing truth, be sure to thank them for their candor. I will often use this phrase: “It was courageous of you to share that. Thank you for trusting me with your truth.” Any place where truth is valued that way is more likely to feel like a safe place for others to share their truths.

The Power of We

We often speak of the power of we in group settings. I has always delighted me that the word Illness and the word Wellness are so similar in form, while completely opposite in meaning. ‘Stepping into a We’ gives us access to more truth, more wisdom, more hope, more courage, and more strength. Those commodities can be lent and borrowed in a group. Within the collective power of a group, every member can benefit from the unified truth, wisdom, hope, courage, and strength!

Change the I in Illness to We, and everything changes!

We may be temporarily required to maintain a greater spacial distance from one another than usual. I like the term ‘spacial distance’ because it reminds me that even if we aren’t in the same physical space, we can still connect and feel that power of we. So especially now when we should keep ourselves away from one another, let’s be sure to be intentional about maintaining connection. Whether it’s by email, text, phone, or web-conferencing, please share the power of your connection.

NOTE: QuittersWin GROUPS are maintaining connection using the Zoom application. If you want to use Zoom to maintain connection with QuittersWin and your friends and family, you can download ZOOM HERE.


Please REMEMBER that when we hear about more cases of COVID-19 that part of the reason is that testing supplies are getting out to more communities (good news) so they can now accurately identify people who need treatment (good news) and to be encouraged to self-quarantine to avoid further spread (good news.)

There’s actually some good news hiding in there. Let’s try to take time to JUST BREATHE and look for the good news.


Meetings ReZOOM!

Weekly QuittersWin meetings had to pause when in-person gatherings became potentially unsafe. But thanks to a free app you can install on your phone, we’re able to reZOOM!

Zoom is an app for our phones that can allow us to see each other and talk. I think it’s important to feel connected during times like these. Zoom is free to use!

Please visit the Zoom Download Center to install on your phone, iPad, PC, or as an extension for your browser.

I think that especially at times like this, connecting with each other is vital. Connecting with others is healthy. So, I hope that you’ll install this app and join us in our weekly groups!

Here’s the list of weekly QuittersWin groups on Zoom:

Public Community Meetings

(All times are EST/UTC-5)


WEDNESDAYS First-timers’ orientation at 6:30 pm. Returning participants join in from 7:00-8:00 pm CLICK TO JOIN

To sign up for email or text message reminders of the public community meetings (or for other questions) please visit our CONTACT page and include email and/or cell phone.)

Valley Medical Group and Cooley Dickinson Physician Hospital Organization patients are welcome to attend.

Sponsored Private Meetings

MONDAYS First-timers’ orientation at 3:00 pm. Returning participants join in from 3:30-4:30 pm CLICK TO JOIN

TUESDAYS First-timers’ orientation at 3:30 pm. Returning participants join in from 4:00-5:00 pm CLICK TO JOIN

WEDNESDAYS First-timers’ orientation at 3:30 pm. Returning participants join in from 4:00-5:00 pm CLICK TO JOIN

To sign up for email or text message reminders of the sponsored private meetings (or for other questions) please visit our CONTACT page and include email and/or cell phone.)

Pause & Shift

So we’ve been thinking about and planning to offer web-based meetings and COVID-19 has provided the nudge we needed! So for (at least) the rest of March, we’re holding QuittersWin group ONLINE! We hope to support as many of our existing participants as possible AND meet some new friends, too!

MONDAYS at 6:00 pm (EST) WEDNESDAYS at 7:00 pm (EST)

LOG IN HERE! to join either meeting!

As always, QuittersWin services are provided at NO COST to any person brave enough to attempt to regain their freedom from addiction to tobacco AND OTHER SUBSTANCES.

To get text reminders or email reminders of the meetings, visit our CONTACT PAGE to let us know how we can help you.

Action Beats Worry

There’s plenty going on that can cause anxious thoughts. And to be fair, some of those thoughts can protect us from dangerous situations. But often those worrisome thoughts get amplified and we can obsess until we feel like a gerbil on a wheel.

Physical running can be really good for us, but mental or emotional “running” can be bad.

Sometimes even a small positive action can interrupt those obsessive thought loops (and let the poor gerbil off of the wheel!) So, doing a good deed for another person in this stressful time accomplishes at least two positive things – a good deed for a person in need, the positive feeling you get for being helpful, and distraction from the worrisome thoughts.

And if you think taking a lesson from a gerbil feels silly, how about a lesson from Leonardo da Vinci? He said that taking action was what really mattered. Let’s get beyond mere thought (which can turn to fear or worry) and move into action. Put a positive post on social media, express gratitude, clean out a closet, re-pot a plant, write a letter. There are lots of positive actions we can take today, and all of them may help disrupt the fear and worry.

Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do. -Leonardo da Vinci

Do Good = Feel Good

Hey, we all know that doing good feels good. And in these uncertain times, doing ANYTHING can reduce some of our natural anxiety. So, let’s help out our local businesses right now (and maybe reduce some of our anxiety, too!)

Stay at home tonight and order take out from a local restaurant, and tip the staff.

Today’s tip is can help out local restaurants feeling the pinch of COVID-19 crowd suppression. After we take action for the good of others, we may notice that we feel less anxious.


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