“Making Changes? Mondays Matter!”

4.10.2017 7.20.2016

“Making Changes, Mondays Matter!”

So researchers have determined that behavioral changes made on Mondays are more likely to ‘stick” and goals set on Mondays are more likely to be achieved. I suppose it makes sense since the workweek begins on Monday. But regardless why, let’s maximize Monday’s momentum and make a move TODAY.

Set a challenging goal, declare a 4 hour mini-quit, add more veggies to your diet, make time for some extra exercise, mediate more! A change you make today could change your life forever!

Please consider adding some comments below. It could help encourage others and it may help you stick to your plan to put yourself ‘on the spot.” Your comments will also draw more eyes to this blog and more eyes means more folks get to feel the support they need as they make this noble journey towards greater freedom.



And #DFTYA! http://ow.ly/i/tFtwD

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