Fierce and Frail – Part Two

Maybe Miracles Do Happen? If people can maintain coherence and avoid terrible detox symptoms, they might be able to hold hope long enough for a miracle to occur. I’ve seen the bumper sticker that says “Expect a Miracle.” Some days I might scoff at such unreasonable hope. Some days I might wish that expecting a …

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Remembering our WHY can help us get back on track or stay on track in pursuit of recovery. Every person’s WHY is as unique as they are, of course. But understanding the different kinds of WHYs may be helpful because not all WHYs are created equal. Yes, there are different kinds of motivators to quit …

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Balance is vital. Balance is an essential aspect of the universe. In fact, the entirety of the universe attests to balance. The inter-relatedness of the universe necessitates the balance and its unceasing motion seeks balance. Our relationships require balance as well, if they are to be healthy. Two characteristics of healthy relationships which must be …

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