“Every Moment”

“Every Moment”

t s eliot (not fond of capitalization or punctuation) is a credited with the quote – “Every moment is a fresh beginning.”

I believe that is true (and by believing it is true, I make it even more so.) And if I can remember this truth, I am able to use that truth for good. Each of us face situations which leave us two choices IF we remember that we have a choices. The awkward or frustrating circumstances before us offer a chance to be either BITTER or BETTER. The obvious choice is better, of course, but I think the point of disconnection is that we forget that when all is said and done, we get to choose.

At this season of new life and hope, my hope for you is that you might take time to take a deep breath and realize the tremendous power of choice you have. We have that power ALL the time, EVERY day, every moment.

Breathe, brave friend and believe that you have the greatest power of all when you remember your power to choose.


#BreatheAndBelieve http://ow.ly/i/tR992

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