“May Day or M’aide”

“May Day or M’aide”

So today is May Day, a day we may have celebrated in the past and a day that seems not to be as widely celebrated as it once was.

Nonetheless it lingers in our memories. Maybe it lingers there because we remember the brightly decorated may baskets we received as a child or maybe the phrase sticks in our heads because it rhymes.

I remember being puzzled as a child when I heard a pilot in a black and white movie saying “may day” into his radio after his plane was struck and was losing altitude. I now understand that what the pilot was saying was a borrowed French phrase – “M’aide.” The French verb “aider” means help or assist. So “m’aide” means help me or assist me.

What better way to remember that…
…none of us is as strong as all of us are.
…none of us is as wise as all of us are.
…none of us is as brave as all of us are.

Truth is we’re better together. So especially today, let’s try to connect and affirm one another. Let’s collaborate and cooperate as we seek our good goals together.

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