Believe or Doubt?

Believe or Doubt?

Many years ago, a very wise woman taught me that she maintained her hopeful, generous, compassionate demeanor by maintaining her attitude. When I asked how she maintained her attitude she replied, “Believe your beliefs. Doubt your doubts.

When an idea came to mind, she looked at it critically. She decided whether she wanted to spend the day carrying that thought around with her. If it was a positive, hopeful, uplifting, generous, or compassionate thought, she CHOSE to believe it! If it wasn’t that kind of thought, she CHOSE to put it down – to doubt it. Subsequently she did not need to carry such a thought around with her all day.

As a result, she was and is a delightful, kind, generous, compassionate, soul. She has a reputation that such a woman would earn. I’m sure she doesn’t have an enemy in the world. I have never heard her speak ill of the living or the dead. I trust her implicitly, respect her immeasurably, and know with certainty that she would be embarrassed if she knew I was writing about her.

It occurs to me that her reputation and the legacy of her influence upon others are a direct result of her choosing to believe the positive and doubt the negative. Believing and doubting are choices. Let’s try to choose wisely.

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