I Can, I Will

The story I choose to tell myself today can and will change my day.
The story I choose to tell myself EVERY day can and will change my world.

What story do you tell yourself about you, your past, and your worth? Those words are shaping your present and future in subtle and not so subtle ways, so I hope that you choose those words with care.

In the photo above I deliberately did NOT include “I must” because for me, “must” can sometimes imply that circumstances are motivating me. I prefer “can” and “will” just because they feel like me-centered motivation. Sometimes “must” means being forced, and that takes away my sense of self-fulfillment.

That said, when you’re telling your story you can choose whatever words you want. Just be sure to examine them for any subtle connotation that might be at odds with your goals.

Consider crafting a brief statement to use as an affirmation. Repeat it (preferably aloud) three times daily. Be sure that one of the times is at the very moment your feet hit the floor in the morning. Research indicates that a positive affirmation at that first conscious moment of the day increase the likelihood of other positive actions.

If you keep telling yourself that you CAN, and assuring yourself that you WILL, before you know it, you’ll be saying “I DID!”

“Extra Credit”
Recommended viewing: B J Fogg’s TEDx talk from Maui

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