Why Do I Believe in You?

Why Do I Believe in You?

If most of us believed in the Tooth Fairy or some other imaginary being for at least a few years, why is it that we have such a hard time believing in ourselves?

I believe in you and I don’t say that in order to make you (or me) feel all warm and fuzzy! My belief is based upon a couple decades of observation. It’s based upon the experience of thousands of individuals on a journey like yours. Mine is a belief supported by irrefutable, overwhelming evidence. My belief is reliable and based upon data and anecdotal evidence. I have seen positive outcomes replicated countless times. THAT is why I believe in you. And yes, it does give me a “warm and fuzzy” feeling. (But that’s just a happy side effect.)

If you are having a hard time having believing in you right now, feel free to borrow some of my belief, because I believe in you.
#BelieveInYou http://ow.ly/i/ytjC8

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