Sunrise, Sunset, Check Your Mindset

Sunrise, Sunset, Check Your Mindset

Sunsets can be stunning, but mindsets keep you running… or not. A quick “check up from the neck up” may help us see how our mind is set and that will certainly have an influence upon our day.

Starting the day with a fresh, hopeful outlook means that even if “the fertilizer hits the ventilator,” we may be able to stick to our course. An affirmation, familiar prayer, or power song really can change how we feel as we face our day. That sort of daily discipline doesn’t change what will happen today, but it can surely change how we respond to what happens today.

Clearing out any mental “clutter” at the end of the day can mean a better quality of sleep (which improves the outlook for tomorrow.) So take a few moments to sort out and re-frame any worries before the today ends. A notepad on the nightstand can quite literally help you offload your worries or unfinished tasks tonight before you go to sleep. Tomorrow will thank you.

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