These Three Things

These Three Things

I find awe and wonder in the unfurling, uncurling fronds of ferns as they unroll to reach skyward in the spring. I’m filled with childlike innocent humor when I see rubber ducks of any sort. I can hardly wait to explore the sweet, spicy, fresh or fiery flavors of fresh peppers – especially fresh ones.

How blessed am I to derive so much from such simple things? So to no one in specific, today I express my thanks for these three things. And even as I write this post, my mind is filled with many memories of joyful, fun, exciting, awe-inspiring moments. How can I not be thankful?

I’m also thankful that some of you reading this will forgive me for being “corny” or “naive,” and you’ll go right ahead and list YOUR three things! Pausing to give thanks – for great things and little things – is good for “the part of us that doesn’t show up on the x-ray.” Thank you for taking good care of you!

May you and yours find reasons – great and small – to be grateful today and I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving day!

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