Take Time to Take a Walk

No matter how busy your day is, making time for a walk is time well spent. Giving your legs a stretch can also clear your head, give your lungs some fresh air, and give your metabolism as boost as you digest a satisfying meal.

If you’re able to take that walk in a natural setting – maybe a walk in the woods? – then the health benefits are even greater! Spending 15 minutes in the woods can reduce levels of cortisol (stress hormone.) In research experiments, people who had spent 15 minutes in a forest demonstrated more generosity and pro-social behavior afterwards. Yes – spending time in nature improves our nature!

I’ve always been impressed by how even a short walk changes a day! When we walk we see different things (and think about different things.) We hear different things (and imagine different things.) We breathe better (and feel better!)

So TODAY let’s take a walk, be sure to include a walk in the woods as soon as you can, too.

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