Feed the Birds

Feed the Birds

This weather usually makes me think of the birds. In the winter I am usually quite dutiful about making sure there is food for them. It occurred to me that I enjoy feeding them. The birds don’t text me and remind me to pick up seed while I’m shopping. I usually remember without a prompt. That convinced me that it is for MY pleasure and MY good that I feed the birds.

As I sat watching them flit about in freezing weather, leaving tiny, three-toed tracks in the snow, I was grateful for the warmth of my home and the feathered friends who visit. Feeding birds used to make me feel generous and kind, but if I’m honest, I benefit at least as much as the birds do.

So if you have a window to look through and enough money to afford to buy some bird seed, share your good fortune with some feathered friends. I’m pretty sure it’s #GoodMedicine without a co-pay or a child-proof lid! (And the birds may appreciate it, too!)


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