Self Care


Perhaps we’re missing the point when we think and talk about the glass being half empty or half full. More important than the current state of the glass is this fact: The glass is refillable! That’s right! It’s my glass and I take responsibility for refilling it. So, what things can refill one’s glass? These …

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Soothe or Stimulate, Music Might be the Answer

When I’m in the car – especially for a long time – at some point I’ll start thinking about junk food. My thoughts about food are not usually related to being bodily hungry, but tend to related to feelings. Negative feelings (anxiety, anger, etc.) can certainly provoke me to want to do something to soothe …

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You Season

Flu season arrives every year, evidenced by people wearing masks over their mouths and noses. The signs go up and people get flu shots. Nearly every year, there’s an a surge in flu cases right after Thanksgiving, attributed to the fact that people travel from different places and see different faces! It is well a …

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