To See Us as They See Us

There’s a statue of Scottish Poet, Robert Burns in Central Park in New York City. Countless folks stroll, jog, or hustle by it every day.

This particular quote caught my ear recently.

“O would some power the gift to give us to see ourselves as others see us.”
-Robert Burns

To see ourselves as others see us will usually be a helpful thing (or gift.) Sometimes seeing us through another’s eyes can help us see things we may wish to change and I certainly try to value the perspective of others when it comes to self-improvement. But I suspect that even MORE often, if we were able to see ourselves as others do, we would be fonder of ourselves. Your toughest critic (and perhaps the only one who truly matters) is that rather harsh judge who stares back when you gaze into a mirror. Often unforgiving, long remembering mistakes and missteps of the past, our coldest critic is us!

I think if we could be given the gift of seeing us as others do, most of us would be surprised at how fondly they view us, how unaware or accepting they seem of our faults and flaws. (SPOILER ALERT: Everybody has them!)

I’m not entirely certain how I might bestow such a ‘gift’ to others, but I will try to speak up more often and let others know how fond I am of them and what I admire about them. Perhaps doing so will help them to see their unique (flawed) brilliance and the beauty that comes from within themselves.

This is a good goal – and to be honest – it makes me feel kind. I like to believe that I am kind. So perhaps my vision is improving. 😉

peace & light

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