Happy Birthday to William “Smokey” Robinson Jr., who turns 78 today! Born in Detroit, he was once called (by Bob Dylan of all people) ‘America’s greatest living poet.’ While gaining fame, his life was sometimes stormy, especially in regards to addiction.

When one looks at addiction, there a few other Smokey titles that might catch you’re ear. “Ain’t That Peculiar” certainly seems apropos when we look at the things we do for our addiction. “Ooo Baby Baby” and “From Head to Toe” might resonate with some of us, too. Perhaps, even “Don’t Think It’s Me.”

And maybe no Smokey title has more relevance than “You’ve Really Got a Hold on Me.” Smokey says that God saved him from cocaine, and after all his group was called ‘The Miracles.’ I believe in “miracles,” I see them regularly – lives truly transformed – captives set free. Choose to believe and see what is actually possible.

Happy birthday to an American treasure! I hope you’re humming some of his tunes today, and remember that music has the power to move our mood.

#MondayMoodMusic http://ow.ly/i/CZyPD

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