New Beginning, New Ending

I love the idea of (and need in my life) the chance to start over, redo, reboot, try again, or rewrite a story. SPOILER ALERT: We’re imperfect. But if, in our imperfection, we are aware of our shortcomings, we will want to do better, try again, or make improvements upon our efforts. To do so is good – it means we’re aware, awake, and perhaps woke.

Obviously, being overly critical – to the point of never being satisfied – is unhealthy and can cause obsession and self-loathing. There needs to come a point where we can comfortably say “that’s better and that’s good enough.”

Because we cannot go back in time (Time Lords excluded) we cannot literally begin again, but the idea of a fresh start can be deeply liberating and healthy. To look at today as an opportunity to start a new ending conjures up images of long, arcing lines – like the trajectories of rockets or meteors.

This moment invites us to adjust our trajectories, to strengthen our sense of direction. Check your (moral) compass and make the adjustments to your future course today. Imagine the better, truer path of your future self because of the work you choose to do today.

Most think it impossible to go back and create a new beginning, but let’s not overlook the inescapable truth that today we can start to make a new ending!
– T Judson Starkey

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