A Butterfly, a Bee, and Muhammad Ali

A Butterfly, a Bee, and Muhammad Ali

On this date in 1964 Muhammad Ali (then known as Cassius Clay) became the world heavyweight boxing champion. In the decades to follow, he would become a bigger than life character in the world of boxing. His reputation reached around the globe in many ways. He remains an unforgettable figure.

One of the things I recall and I reference often, was his genius when it came to keeping his foes off balance. He was a poet with a punch, often answering reporters and taunting his ring-mates with rhymes. His nimbleness in the ring was rightly called dancing and he brilliantly managed to ‘get into the heads’ of his opponents long before he stepped into the ring with them. He could “float like a butterfly and sting like a bee!”

All of his antics – in and out of the ring – served to interrupt and disrupt his foes’ thoughts and loosen their grip on their understanding of who they were dealing with. Ultimately, their imbalance lead to their defeat, over and over and over again. Muhammad Ali was a champion of unpredictability.

If you’re battling a habit today, take a lesson from “The Greatest” – throw that habit a couple jabs by busting up a few routines. Keep ‘dancing’ and watch your habit lose its punch. Any unpredictable thing you can do will help shake off the shackles of a habit. And remember that #YouDeserveToBeFree! http://ow.ly/i/D9MMb

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