It’s In There Somewhere!

Find the Good

Everyday may not be a good day, but there is good in every day. If we fix our eyes upon the good (even if it’s a tiny, tiny bit of the day) we can surely influence how we feel about the day.

I remember hearing a comical story years ago in which one of two twins was locked in a room filled with manure, to see if his ‘sunny’ disposition would change. At the end of the day they were shocked to find him running and skipping through the room tossing horse manure into the air as he whistled a cheerful song!

The person who had locked him in the room asked what he was so happy about. His answer? . . .
. . . With all this poop, there MUST be a pony in here somewhere!

If your day seems to have lots of poop, keep searching for that pony! Thanks for making the best of your day and for looking for the good in every day. Our circumstances are often beyond our control, but trying to shift our feelings in a positive direction will change our experience and the experience of those around us.

Find the good in your day! (And think about putting some good in someone else’s!)

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