Right or Wrong?

Have you ever wondered why we tend to dwell on the negative possibilities? I should say, perhaps YOU don’t, but most of us do. Do you know why we think that way? Research suggests that there may well have been a benefit to having a negative world view in humankind’s past. Imagine two “cavepeeps” a squillion years ago. Each hears a strange noise coming from a dark cave. One responds with an abundance of caution because they expect something negative will happen. The other with reckless abandon, confident that they will certainly charm whatever wild thing awaits them in the cave.

So which survives the encounter with the hungry saber-toothed penguinoceros?!

Exactly! Cavepeeps who were negative were probably the ones who survived. But we don’t live in that kind of world anymore. It’s WAY safer for us to be hopeful today and people who focus on positive and hopeful thoughts can reduce stress and even influence the hormones in their brains. So, in a world without saber-toothed penguinoceroses, here’s our mission:

Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and think about what could go right!

Smiling is also good for your disposition (and maybe the disposition of peeps around you too!) Thanks for being awesome!

EXTRA CREDIT: Draw me a Saber-Toothed Penguinocerous and email it!

2 thoughts on “Right or Wrong?”

  1. Yeah THAT! Positivity and “Doing things anyway “Even when they are scary”! I have to practice this daily. Sometimes even making a call that could save my ass?-& Have a choice of how u wanna feel when I GO 2 BED! Thanx 4 reminder though!!! Toni

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