Music to Shake Your Mood

Music to Shake Your Mood

Today in history some pretty diverse musicians were born. March 1st is the birthday of Justin Bieber, Roger Daltrey, Glenn Miller, and Frederic Chopin. Wow – I mean WOW! What a range, huh? And no matter what your musical taste, if you aren’t intentionally using music to help influence your moods, you’re missing a great opportunity!

Music has the power to sneak into our heads in a way that no other art form can. Music is magic when it comes to shifting a mood. Today it’s so easy to take our music with us too! Build yourself a few playlists; one to mellow out, one to cheer you up, one to motivate you.

I’m pretty sure that music is #GoodMedicine! Use it to get you ‘In The Mood!’

Tell us what you’re listening to today! And happy birthday to Justin, Glenn, Roger, and Frederic!


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