I Think I Can

On this date in 1938 the Mallard steam engine was built and for the first time allowed train passengers to travel at speeds over 100 mph! These sleek blue steamers would eventually set a record speed of 126 mph.

Like so many feats throughout the course of human history, traveling that fast by rail was considered “impossible!” Isn’t it funny to think about that? From our perspective we look back on such accomplishments and think, “Of course!” But before it happened, only visionaries (or perhaps fools) would ever think about those accomplishments. Perspective matters. Most scoff and say “never!” while the brave say, “I think I can!”

Alexander Graham Bell was born on this day in 1847.


He was obviously a “I think I can” sort of guy and even so, I think he’d be amazed at how his telephone has transformed over the ages.

Keep thinking you can, a just watch! I watch “impossible” things happen every day! And we’ve probably all heard the following expression, but just in case…

Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right!
~Henry Ford

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